Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why we elect our representatives?

When we elect someone and give him the responsibility of representing us and power for governance, what actually we elect in him? Is it his moral, his ethical behaviour, his love and concern for the people and the nation, his ability to govern, his sincerity and honesty? My answer is 'Yes' to all.

Also when we elect someone, do we take into account, which religion he belongs to, what language he speaks, what clothes he wears, what food he eats? My answer is 'No' to all. These are peoples' personal traits. We expect that these personal traits will help our representative in better governance and not come in its way.

For us, the end result is most important. Our Representative should work in the interest of the people, society and nation. He should take all the people with him. He might have belonged to a particular party or group but after getting elected he represents all. He might face different interpretations of peoples' needs, law of the land and other do's & don'ts, but I believe if he has honest intentions to serve the people he will not find any problem with different interpretations. Honest debate is essential to honest governance, and he should participate in the debate in an honest, sincere and graceful manner. Any concession needed should be seen and given by him in the form of empowerment. It should not be given for covering an handicap, but should be given to convert the handicap in to strength.

(I have used the word 'him', but it includes 'her' also)

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