Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Election candidates manifesto


I, (name of candidate), make following statement of commitment:

  • That I have offered myself to represent the people of (name of constituency) in Lok Sabha as an official candidate of (name of political party) OR as an independent candidate.
  • That I stand committed to the ‘Politics of Service’ and not ‘Politics of Power’.
  • That I believe that in parliamentary democracy people elect their representatives and not their rulers.
  • That I believe that election is not a battle but only a process for electing peoples’ representatives and should be managed in a transparent manner.
  • That I believe that being elected as a representative of people is not an end but only means to serve the people and the country.
  • That I believe that India building is a team activity and not the sole prerogative of a few people or a party or parties.
  • That I have made all declarations as required under law while filing my nomination.
  • That I will abide by the code of conduct and any other guidelines made by Election Commission.
  • That I attach great importance to my relationship with other Indians, and I have signed the ‘Manifesto of Relationship’.
  • That I will work for continual improvement in day-to-day life of all Indian people.
  • That I will always be pro-all and anti-none.
  • That I will manage country’s affairs in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.
  • That for me duties shall have precedence over rights.That I will be pro-active to peoples’ problems and their solutions.
  • That I believe that religion does not need politics but politics should be guided by religion.
  • That I believe that religion means truth, non-violence, love, compassion, brotherhood, service, non-discrimination, non-exploitation and respect for each other.
  • That I will behave in a disciplined manner in Lok Sabha and elsewhere, and will never create a situation where people electing me as their representative are embarrassed.
  • That I will discourage use of such terms which have given a wrong meaning and purpose to democratic institutions, like ‘fighting election’, ‘ruling India’, ‘our rule’.
  • That I will use only positive slogans (enclosed).
  • That I stand committed to encourage positive vote and discourage negative vote.
  • I seek your vote only on my merits and not on the de-merits of other candidates.



"I, (name of candidate), a proud citizen of India, declare as under:

  • That my mission shall be to ‘bring smile on every face’, and for this I shall work, to my best ability, for continual improvement of day-to-day life of Indian people.
  • That for working to fulfill above aim, ‘being in a position of influence or power’ is not a pre-condition.
  • That I attach great importance to my relationship with other Indians.
  • That I believe that development should be sustainable and such development has no meaning if there is no positive relationship between people.
  • That my relationship with all other Indians shall be on three levels – personal, social and national.
  • That on personal level the relationship shall be based on the principles of humanity, as I am a human being and so all other Indians.
  • That on social level the relationship shall be based on the principles of peaceful co-existence, as I am a part of the Great Indian Society and so all other Indians.
  • That on national level the relationship shall be based on the principles of nationalism, as I am a citizen of Great Indian Nation and so all other Indians.
  • That my behaviour with all other Indians shall be guided by above principles.
  • That my religion, my language, my life-style, my food habits etc., shall be my personal traits.
  • That I shall consider religion, language, life-style, food habits etc., of all other Indians as their personal traits, shall respect them and shall never say or do anything which hurt their feelings.
  • That all my personal traits shall support and strengthen above three relationships.
  • That based on above relationships, I shall work for creation of a class-less all-Indian society where there is no injustice, discrimination and exploitation.



I, (name of candidate), a candidate from (name of constituency) promise that I will use only such slogans, which do not hurt feelings of any one. Some such slogans are:

  • "Come & Join Us for Making India A Developed Nation by 2020"
  • "You are as Indian as I"
  • "Cast a Positive Vote – On Merits of your Choice & not on De-merits of Others"
  • "We are Pro-All and Anti-None"
  • " Together we manage country’s affairs"
  • "We are your representatives, not rulers"
  • "We have only one Vote-Bank, All Indian Citizens"
  • "Our Vision – Better Life for All"
  • "Our Mission - Bring Smile on Every Face"
  • "Our approach – Transparent and Friendly"
  • "Our Message - Smile, It Connects People"
  • Our promise – No Walk-Outs in Next Lok Sabha"
  • "We have no arguments with others’ view-points, it is their way of managing country’s affairs"
  • "Fruits of sustainable development – equal share for all"

Signature ______________

Name of candidate ____________________

Poliical party/Independent _________________________

Phone _______________

Date __________________


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