Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rights of a voter

Friends, I wrote my first message on duties of a voter, as I believe that people should first discharge their duties and then talk of their rights. I hope you agree with me.

Right to vote means that every voter has a right to elect a representative of his or her choice. This right is absolute and should not be curtailed or denied by anybody under any circumstances. But policy of reservation has curtailed this right. The constituency where I vote has been reserved for SC/ST/OBC. Now I have to choose my representative from these communities only. There are good people belonging to non-reserved community but they can not contest the election and I can not exercise my vote in their favour.

To exercise my right to vote it is essential that my name should be in the voters list. Here again, due to inefficiency of EC officials and manipulation by politicians names of a large number of voters are made to disappear from voters list. Then bogus voting is yet another factor which violates my right to vote. Forcing not to vote by creating fear of violence in elections is yet another factor.

The Government and EC have a duty to ensure that people exercise their right to vote without any fear and in a free environment.

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R S Mishra, a senior citizen said...

You are right Mr. Gupta that it is the duty of the Government and EC to ensure that people exercise their right to vote without any fear and in a free environment.But every time an election is held they fail to discharge their duties. Many voters are not allowed to vote. Many find their names missing from voters lists. And sad part is that nobody in Govt and EC is held accuntable for this. Voters should demand action against such officials who fail to ensure that voters exercise their right in a proper manner.