Saturday, January 20, 2007

Duties of a voter

The first and foremost Duty of a voter is to cast his vote. Let us not be guided by others who do not find any thing worthwhile in electing same dirty politicians again and again. The time has come when people should take their own decisions and stop being guided by others' opinions.

The second duty of a voter is to cast a positive vote. A voter should vote for a person on his or her merits. Voting for someone because he or she belongs to a particular religion, caste, place, language etc is a negative vote. Voting for someone simply because a voter is not happy with other candidates is also a negative vote. I prefer making my vote invalid rather than casting a negative vote.

The third duty of a voter is to express appreciation when the elected representative performs the job well. But the voter should also express dissatisfaction when the elected representative does not perform the job well. In case of undignified conduct of the elected representative the voter should express personal indignation and ask him to tender an apology. The voter should clearly tell the elected representative that his action should not embarrass the voters.


R S Mishra, a senior citizen said...

Thanks Suresh Gupta, for starting a blog for voters. I fully agree that voters have a duty to cast votes and no doubt a positive vote.

Suresh Gupta said...

Dear Voters,

Like every other Indian, you have a vision of leading a Better-Life, but feel frustrated on non-fulfillment of this vision. The reason is simple – you do not take a right decision at the right time. You allow other people to decide for you, especially for making a choice of your candidate in the election. You cast a negative vote and then suffer for five years.

Remember that elections should be used as ‘Change Agents’ for progress and not as ‘Changeovers’ from ‘rule-by-one-group’ to ‘rule-by-another-group’. To ensure this:

a) Cast A Positive Vote -
It is true that making a positive choice of your representative has become more and more difficult with every election. With negativism covering every aspect of electioneering, making a positive choice is going to be much more difficult in coming election. But it is your life and you have to protect it. It will be possible if you elect a representative who is sincere, honest and committed to represent you and not rule over you.

If you want to be represented by honest and sincere person and do not want to feel embarrassed for next five years by his unruly behavior inside and outside Lok Sabha or do not want to be represented by people of criminal antecedents, then

b) Be a part of Voters Forum -
This forum has become a necessity against opportunistic alliances of political parties to capture your votes at any cost and then indulge in vulgar power games.

All Indian voters are invited to visit website and express their resolve. Let all voters take a vow that they will vote only for a candidate who signs the ‘Statement of Commitment’ and ‘Manifesto of Relationship’ and demonstrates such commitment and relationship.