Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Petition to all Indian political parties

I have created folloing on-line petition:

"To: All political parties of India

Elections should be used as ‘Change Agents’ for progress and not as ‘Changeovers’ from ‘rule-by-one-group’ to ‘rule-by-another-group’. But political parties have always used it as a tool to rule. Election, which should have been conducted as a process for electing peoples’ representatives in a transparent and decent manner, has been converted in to a war. Political parties are indulging in forming opportunistic alliances to capture votes at any cost and then indulge in anti-people and vulgar power games.

‘Better Life For all’, a NGO, committed to continual improvement of day-to-day life of Indian People and for that purpose providing an e-platform on its portal, has taken an initiative to form a 'Voters Forum' as a watch-dog for pro-people programmes and policies and any need-based alliances of political parties.

'Voters Forum' has a blog ( no other structures, no groups, no formal membership and no manipulations. It is an alliance of peoples’ vision, their agenda for proper governance of the nation, their ideas of ‘Better-life’, their resolve to protect their right to cast a positive vote in elections, their right to be represented and not to be ruled. The purpose of the forum is to create a synergic thought movement where every voter will ask parties and candidates to sign a ‘Statement of Commitment’ and a ‘Manifesto of Relationship’ to protect interests of the people.

'Voters Forum' has prepared a ‘Statement of Commitment’ to be signed by all political parties and candidates who wish to represent the people in future elections. It has also prepared a ‘Manifesto of Relationship’ between any two Indians, which should also be signed by all candidates, if they want to be elected as a representative of the people.

President’s vision for Indian Nation gives the people a ray of hope. But with every passing day this ray of hope is loosing its brightness. It is unfortunate that so far no political party has clearly stated its vision, action plan and approaches for the "Developed India 2020" and how fast it can realize these missions in quality and quantity. The only vision Indian political parties seem to have to somehow capture power, and for this they are stooping to such depths that their behaviour has become vulgar and insulting to Indian voters.

To protect voters’ right to be represented by honest, sincere and committed people this petition has been prepared to be submitted to all those who have a stake in coming elections - Political alliance which has been managing the affairs of the country for last many years, Political alliances who wish to manage the affairs of the country for next many years, Election commission, Media and Voters.

Each political party should:

- State its vision for ‘Developed India 2020’:

- State its agenda for future elections:

- State its action plan to achieve vision and agenda:

- State its approach for managing country’s affairs:

- Sign Statement of commitment for above;

- Sign Manifesto of Relationship with all Indians;

- Use only positive slogans"

Please visit the link and sign the petition -

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